Appendix A: Related PDP-11 Sites

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From: shoppa @

The most current version of this list will be available via anonymous ftp from as the file pdp-11.ftp in the directory /pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11.

Site: (
Directory:   /pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-11
Maintainer:  Tim Shoppa (shoppa @
Comments:    main pdp-11 directories are:
	hardware      Miscellaneous documentation on PDP-11 hardware,
                      including Ron Copley's guide to Unibus and Q-bus
                      modules (field-guide.txt)
        decusdocs     Compilations from DECUSserve coferences,
                      containing very useful hardware and software
	rt            RT-11 sig tapes from DECUS
        rsx           RSX-11 sig tapes from DECUS
	emulator      PDP-11 emulators
	games         Games for PDP-11's (various OS's)
	kermit        krt and k11 versions of pdp-11 kermit
	language      The PDP-11 C compiler from DECUS
	utils         Various PDP-11 utilities
	teco	      Teco stuff from SIG tapes and other sources.

Site: (
Directory:   /pub/pdp11
Maintainer:  Johnny Billquist (bqt @
Comments:    Several RT-11 sig tapes, in rt/11s108, rt/11s109, rt/11s113,
             and rt/11sp68 subdirectories.
             DEC Professional stuff, in pos subdirectory.

Site: []
Directory:   /pub
Maintainer:  John Wilson (wilson @
        /pub/e11        Ersatz-11 PDP-11 emulator, beta demo
        /pub/putr       MS-DOS file insert/extract util for DEC file
                        systems (in image file, RX01/02/23/26/33/50,
                        or TU58 drive on COM port)
        /pub/pdp11      Various PDP-11 programs (mostly for RT-11),
                        also public domain boot blocks, Fuzzball OS,
                        and DL11 MIDI code + information
        /pub/flx        Paul Koning's RSTS file system ins/ext utility,
                        written in C

Site: (
Maintainer:  Alan Baldwin (???)
Comments:    TCPIP for TSX+ systems.
	     Cross assemblers for many micro's.

Site: (
Directory:   /pub/pdp-11
Maintainer:  Dworkin Loki Müller (dworkin @
Comments:    miscellaneous PDP-11 informational documents, including
             the FAQ

Site: (,
Directory:   pdp-11
Maintainer:  Mike Young (young @
Comments:    ACPs for RSX-11, DECUS C compiler.

Site: (
Directory:   [anonymous.*]
Maintainer:  Terry Kennedy (terry @
Comments:    [finger11]             Finger for RSTS
             [k11]                  Kermit's for various PDP-11 OS's
             [rstscle]              Command line editor for RSTS
             third-party-disks.txt  Excellent docs on RD5n disks.

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